Static and Dynamic Dispatch

Introduction Dispatch is the act of sending something somewhere. In computer science, this term is used to indicate the same concept in different contexts, like to dispatch a call to a function, dispatch an event to a listener, dispatch an interrupt to a handler or dispatch a process to the CPU. In this article, we will examine this term in the Object-Oriented (OO) world, which means to dispatch a call to a method. Read more →

Extract INET obstacles from an OSM map

Description The purpose of obstacles in INET framework is to simulate real world objects such as walls, trees, buildings and hills. More specifically, they are used to absorb and reflect radio waves, reducing signal quality and decreasing the chance of a successful reception. Using this script, you are able to extract the obstacles (buildings, pavements…) of any OSM map and then use them on the INET framework. In case you make use of the veins_inet project, you can set the margin variable too. Read more →